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Program Policy

For semi-private and group lessons, fees are paid monthly at the first lesson of each month. Fees are non-refundable. No cancellation and no make-up lessons will be provided for absence from scheduled lessons.

For private lessons, each payment is made for 5 subsequent lessons. Class schedule can be changed at no cost with 24 hours advanced notice. To reschedule or cancel a private lesson, arrangement must be made by 6 pm the day before the lesson. Otherwise there will be a $15 court fee that need to be paid for.

Termination of Lessons
For semi-private and group lessons, one month advanced notice is required. For private lessons, one week advanced notice is required.

Class Cancellations
In case of inclement weather, it is your responsibility to call us to confirm if the day's classes are cancelled. Fees for these cancelled classes will be adjusted accordingly in the following month.

Returned Cheques
A $15 fee will be charged for each cheque returned by the bank.

Student Pickup
Students must be picked up PROMPTLY at the end of the class time.

Suspension of Student
We reserve the rights to suspend students for non-payment of fees, extreme absence or inappropriate conduct. When such circumstances arise, fees will not be refunded, and no made-up classes will be provided.

If you have any question about our program policies, please call or text us at 416-721-8923, or email us.


Program policy subject to change without notice.   (Rev. 11906.102)