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Our Coaching Methodology

We believe in small class size that students will learn the skills of playing badminton effectively. This is why our class size is no more than 3 students. This ensures each student will have enough practice time and the coach can spend enough time with each student.

Our courses are divided into modules. We do not rush our students to finish each module for the sake of just finishing the course. We always ensure that our students can master the fundamental skills to a satisfactory level. Thus they can build on the skills effectively. That's why sometimes we may need to extend the course for a few more lessons to ensure students will have a solid foundation after finishing the course.

We set goals with our students in each lesson on what they are going to learn and what is expected from them to achieve. Our passion is to help students to make improvements and see the result themselves so that they will enjoy the sport and build confidence in themselves. We encourage parents to stay and watch your children learning the sport during the lessons.

Our coaching philosophy is to develope students with good discipline, solid foundation of skills and mental toughness. We guide students through different stages of learning by motivating each student in the following aspects:

  • They see improvements in themselves
  • They have fun and are involved
  • They always have chances to work with the coach
  • They are challenged accordingly
  • They are recognized for their achievements
  • Set goals according to each student's personality and skill level that they will feel confident to achieve the goals
  • We guide them through organized practice with clear goals
  • Their personal needs are satisfied
  • They will get one-on-one attention from coaches
  • Make them feel they are welcome and they are important to the success of the class
  • Develop trust between the coach and the students

Teaching Progression for Learning Badminton Skills

  • Start by performing a skill without movement on the court. If necessary, further isolate the skill.
  • Perform the skill with movement. Move from the base to where the skill is to be performed, and stop after completing the skill.
  • Repeat the skill with movement many times.
  • Incopporate the skill with a know skill into a preset drill.
  • Perform the skill under varying conditions.
  • Perform the skill in gamelike situations.

Breakdowns to Explain Technique for Every Stroke

  • grip
  • feet
  • reacquet preparation
  • body position
  • backswing
  • forward motion
  • body weight transfer
  • contact point
  • follow-through
  • recover

We offer badminton lessons for Beginner and Intermediate levels at affordable rates. It can be private, semi-private or group lessons. Our Technical Clinics are custom made one-hour sessions designed specifically for your needs.

If you are looking for a place to play and sharpen your badminton skills, you should come to our Group Practice Session on Sunday evenings.

If you want to learn more about our coaching style and methodology, you can book a 1-Hour Trial Session before joining our classes. .

Call or text us at 416-721-8923 or email us to book a course, or if you have any question about our coaching courses.