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Stephen Hardy

By good fortune I found Raymond through internet search as I wanted a coach for my sons who were playing badminton at school but had never had any formal training. Raymond's coaching has in a short period led to a significant improvement in the skills and technique of Michael and Adam. His passion, energy and enthusiasm for badminton have played a big part in this – the boys are engaged and keen to learn and they look forward to the coaching sessions. This has also helped them at school, where they are now playing more regularly and at a higher level, with greater confidence.

Raymond's friendly manner and constant encouragement have helped to motivate them, helping them to focus and to work hard and this has allowed them to learn quickly about the many aspects of the game. He is very patient but persistent and continues to stress the importance of basic techniques such as correct strokes, footwork and court position, even when this can take some time for the boys to get used to and to put into effect in the games. He often arranges for the boys to practice the strokes and techniques that they learn by playing with other students.

I am really delighted that I found Raymond and can strongly recommend him as a coach for anyone who wishes to learn or improve their skills at badminton.


Colin Zhe

I started playing badminton in late 2009. After struggling for 3 years and seeing barely any improvement, I decided out of frustration to start taking some lessons.

I found Raymond through his online website and immediately liked the way he constructed his lessons. I was able to communicate to him my frustrations and he understood what I needed to do. He is very persistent in pointing out my weaknesses so I can continuously adjust my form while consciously improving. He is a patient person and I think as a coach that is an important trait. A student will often be frustrated or confused before a breakthrough, and I think Raymond has helped me make many breakthroughs. He is an open person and will adapt to his students.

My goal is to play singles this year and he has already helped me increase my intensity. Under his guidance I have now acquired important technical skills as well as developed physical fitness. I look forward to many more breakthroughs this year.


Carmen Kwok

I got really interested in badminton after playing with a few of my friends. So 8 months ago, I decided to take badminton lesson, as I was hoping to learn proper techniques which would enable me to better enjoy the sport, prevent injuries, and stay active.

I found Raymond through this website. After the first lesson, I was very intrigued by badminton and I knew I have found a great coach. Everyone has different learning styles, and Raymond is very good at adapting his teaching styles to unlock the potential of every player. Raymond understands the needs of beginner player like me, as he develops effective lesson plans and uses various teaching props to help me learn the different types of shots and foot work. In addition to technical skills, he also provides great psychological motivation through constructive feedback and encouragement, which enables me to build confidence and stay determined.

Many people may be great players, but being a great teacher requires a different set of traits. Raymond has demonstrated to be a fantastic teacher – professional, technical, enthusiastic, patient, and supportive. Lessons have been friendly, enjoyable, and – as you might expect – quite sweaty! Through his coaching, I have managed to improve my skills while having a good time, and I am looking forward to more fun and new challenges!


Vanita Jashnani

I have seen a lot of improvement in my son’s badminton skills since they started coaching with Raymond. My son’s leg work has improved a lot and he is more alert than before.  He likes to be coached by Raymond as he is very patient but firm and encouraging. Raymond makes the student feel good about themselves and at the same time helps them to improve their skills by doing their best. I came to know about Raymond through internet and I have not regretted my decision of having him as my son’s coach.


Maria Ma

My son has showed great interest in badminton since grade 8.  I thought it would help him improve his skills if I could find him a private coach.  I chose Raymond among so many coaches, and I never regret my decision.  Raymond proves to be a very qualified coach with high level of professionalism. What makes him unique is that Raymond provides coaching lessons tailored to each individual/child.  Since my son took the coaching lessons with Raymond, I see great improvement in his skills and his level of confidence in badminton. More over, this helps enlarge his social circles in and out of his school to allow him making more friends who can learn and play together with him.  If you are looking for a badminton coach, go to Raymond and you will see the difference


Kathryn Smith

I started badminton just for fun and wanted to learn how to play a little better. Raymond's coaching inspired me to learn more and to focus. I now have a clearer understanding of the game and enjoy playing much more. Raymond is a fantastic coach who pushed me but knew my limits. He has encouraged me throughout my lessons which made me feel good and more determined to play well. I am now a badminton addict and play at least 3 times a week whilst still learning something new every week at my coaching session.

Thank you Raymond


Kathy Ho

I have always loved playing badminton. I started taking group lesson when I became frustrated with my skills and found it difficult to play with others at the community centre with my current skill level. However, my skills haven't improved through the group lesson and it was then that I was referred to Raymond.

I found that Raymond's way of coaching is very different from the group lesson I had so far. He is very systematic and stresses a lot on the basic foundation so that we can build on the foundation and improve at our own pace. Not only is Raymond meticulous with every stroke, he also stresses a lot on our footwork, in our focusing at the game and in helping us to attain the correct mentality. Raymond is also a very patient and encouraging coach. Although it may take some of his students more time to grasp certain stroke, he doesn't lose his temper or his patience. Instead he keeps on encouraging and is able to come up with different ways and ideas in helping his students get the strokes. I have observed Raymond teaching both children and adults. He is able to respect each student's individuality in regards to their age, skill, physical condition, limitations and personality while at the same time helping them to learn at their best.

Since my coaching with Raymond, my skills have improved. Badminton has become even more enjoyable than before now that I have the skills to play with others. I have also overcome my fear of playing games. When I started off with Raymond, I was still skeptical about my own room for improvement. Now I am just amazed at how much I have advanced. Credits to Raymond, especially to his patience and his way of never giving up on his students. Having a great coach like Raymond does make a big difference.

Neeraj Goel

I found out about Raymond Wu just by doing an internet search and took a chance by signing up for his badminton class.  I am very glad that I did!  Raymond works tirelessly with his students.  He does not give up on his students, even when they feel they will not grasp a concept.  I thought that he was just nice and patient with me, but in watching him teach other students, I find that he is consistently very nice and patient with everyone.  He is genuinely a wonderful teacher.  I am happy to report that from not being able to ever hit the shuttlecock, after three months, I feel that I can now rally fairly well with other players.  


Olivia Wu

My friend has suggested me to take badminton lessons together, and she told me that she found a coach. Before taking the lessons I've only played once in a while for fun and never really took trainings. I was considered a very beginner. The first and second coaching lessons with Raymond have drastically brought up my skills. And with just ten lessons with him, now I can proudly say that I'm an intermediate badminton player. Raymond also taught us with passion and patience. I sometimes felt upset when I kept making the same mistakes over and over again, but Raymond gave me positive encouragement and directed me effectively. With just few lessons (barely practicing outside of lessons) my body has remembered all the moves that now I can play normally without even thinking which move to make. If you are one of the people trying to find a coach that can help improve your skills within a short period, you should definitely go for Raymond.


Helen Chung

My son has been under badminton coaching by Raymond for almost one year. Since then, we have seen lots of improvements in his badminton skills as well as his learning attitude. Raymond has organized the lessons in a very systematic way, making  every student to learn the basic skills first in order to build  good foundation, then build up other skills and endurance gradually. The lessons are lively and dynamic, making learning badminton fun and interesting.  He has designed and organized the courses in a way that people at different age level or at different skill level are able to manage. As a coach, Raymond is able to demonstrate his proficiency and professionalism in badminton and in every aspects of the coaching. It is absolutely a right decision that we have Raymond as the coach and I would not hesitate at all to recommend Raymond to anyone that would like to learn, to improve or to advance their skills in badminton.


Evangeline Ip

Badminton has been my favorite sport in my life but I can't enjoy it as much because of my strength is very limited. It was even worse when I played with skillful players. I would end up picking up shuttles from the court. Deep inside my mind I knew I needed some training lessons. Under a friend's referral, I found Raymond Wu.

I took 2 Beginner courses with a total of 24 classes with Raymond and I have improved a lot after these 24 classes. Raymond first accessed my skill level and set the classes according to my needs. First he corrected how I hold the racquet and then concentrated on my swing and foot work. I know all these bad habits are difficult to change. But after these two courses, I can now play with more skillful players without fear. I am sure I will continue to take more lessons from Raymond when I am less busy at work and personal life.

Thanks to you, Raymond, I really enjoy every minute in our training lessons. See you soon.


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