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Badminton Skill Development for Beginner and Intermediate Levels

The following table describes what we expect from and how we teach our beginner and intermediate level students. This information can also help you to determine your current skill level.

From our experience we find that students in the same class are usually in different stages. For example, in a beginner level class, some students are in the Initiation Stage while some are in the Acquisition Stage. Therefore it is very important to teach students according to which stage they are in, and we can only achieve this in small classes. That is why we do not run classes with more than 4 students.

Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Initiation Stage
Acquisition Stage
Consolidation Stage

The first contact the student has with the skill.

The student may have no idea of what to do to perform the skill.

The early stage of learning where the student becomes capable of (1) coordinating key components of movements and (2) executing them in the correct order, thus performing a rough form of the skill. The movements are not well synchronized or under control, and they lack rhythm and flow. The execution is inconsistent and lacks precision. The student has to think about what he or she is doing while performing the skill.

Both form and performance tend to deteriorate markedly when the student tries to execute movements quickly or is under pressure, as may be the case in a competitive situation.

The student can execute the movements or the skill with correct form. Movement control, synchronization, and rhythm are good when performing the skill under easy and stable conditions. The movements can be repeated consistently and with precision under these conditions.

Some elements of performance can be maintained when the student is under pressure, conditions change, or demands increase, but performance remains inconsistent.

The student begins to develop a more personal style.
At this stage, we teach our students to achieve the followings:

Have a clear mental image of what correct execution looks like.

Understand the fundamental positions, stances, and patterns of the sport or skill.

Feel safe when performing the skill.

Reach a comfort level with some movement or feelings that may be unfamiliar and that are part of the skill to be learned.

Understand clearly what they have to do, and have a good mental picture of the task.

Perform a lot of repetitions at their own pace and under conditions that are stable, easy and safe.

Find some solutions by themselves through trial and error, based on some feedback from the coach.

Be exposed to a variety situations, and perform a lot of repetitions under varied conditions.

Have clear objectives for both form (correct execution) and the result of actions.

Be challenged by more complex and demanding tasks or conditions, and find more solutions through trial and error, based on less frequent feedback from the coach.

Practice the movements or the skill in conditions where fatigue prevails or that replicate competitive demands, and deal with the consequences of errors.


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