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Badminton Intermediate Level Course Details

The intermediate level course is designed for people who have played badminton for a few years, know techniques of different shots and basic footwork. This is a 12-lesson course to further improve your skills. There will be more drilling exercise to improve your stamina, power, speed and reflex.

The objective of this course is to sharpen your skills to play a faster and more offensive game. You will also be able to block smashes and play shots more consistently, thus develop more solid defensive skills.

If you are not sure about your skill level, read our Skill Development page to find out..

We offer private, semi-private and 3-student group lessons. Lesson duration is usually 1 hour. There will be 12 lessons for private and semi-private coaching, and 18 lessons for groups. Sometime we may need to add a few more lessons to adjust to students' pace of learning. For group lessons, we typically arrange students of similar age and skill level in the same class. Special arrangements can be made for family members together, such as parents and their children in a group lesson.

Time and location can be arranged based on your preferences. Lessons are conducted in badminton clubs in two Markham locations (near Warden Ave and Denison St; Woodbine Ave and Highway 7), and Scarborough (near Birchmount Road and Ellesmere Road). We can also come on-site to your location such as churches, schools and private clubs. We can conduct lessons in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

The course is divided into modules as follow:

  • Exercises to strengthen arm, leg and wrist muscles
  • Rear court forehand clear and smash
  • Rear court overhead clear and smash
  • Mid court forehand clear and push
  • Mid court backhand clear and push
  • Mid court drive
  • Attacking clear
  • Front court forehand lift
  • Front court backhand lift
  • Full court footwork drills
  • Drop shot techniques
  • Net shot techniques
  • Backhand serve
  • Backhand clear
  • Double and single game positioning, tatics and drilling

Rates (court fees and feather shuttles included):

  • Private lesson: $55 per a 1 hour lesson
  • Semi-private lesson: $30 per a 1 hour lesson
  • 3-student group lesson: $23 per a 1 hour lesson
  • A 10% discount will be given when you have your own group of 3 students

Fees are non-refundable and no make-up lessons will be provided. Please see our Program Policy for details.

We offer badminton lessons for Beginner and Intermediate levels at affordable rates. It can be private, semi-private or group lessons. Our Technical Clinics are custom made one-hour sessions designed specifically for your needs.

If you are looking for a place to play and sharpen your badminton skills, you should come to our Group Practice Session on Sunday evenings.

To learn more about our coaching style, please read our Coaching Methodology page.

Call or text us at 416-721-8923, or email us to book a course, or if you have any question about our coaching lessons.