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1-Hour One-on-One Trial Session / Lesson (Discounted Rate)

If you are not sure about your skill level, or you want to experience and learn more about our coaching style and methodology, this 1-hour one-on-one trial session will help you make an informed decision.

We will first determine your skill level, teach you one or two strokes with proper footworks, and give you drillings to help you become more comfortable performing these skills. Based on your learning style and your skill level, we can then refer you to an appropriate class. You can also tell whether you like our coaching style and methodology and then make an informed decision whether to join a class or not.

The fee for this 1-hour private trial session is $40.

We offer badminton lessons for Beginner and Intermediate levels at affordable rates. It can be private, semi-private or group lessons. Our Technical Clinics are custom made one-hour sessions designed specifically for your needs.

If you are looking for a place to play and sharpen your badminton skills, you should come to our Group Practice Session on Sunday evenings.

To learn more about our coaching style, please read our Coaching Methodology page.

Call or text us at 416-721-8923, or email us to book a course, or if you have any question about our coaching lessons.